Photos Speak

I often think when I am taking my own photos……what kind of emotion does this bring out?  Sometimes I succeed at the feeling I am aiming for…..sometimes I don’t.  I often look at other photographer’s photos and connect them with certain emotions as well.

I wanted to get two different responses:

1) From a consumer point of view, what makes you choose a certain photographer for your needs?  

2) From a photographers point of view, what do you look for most in a photo- whether it be your own or someone elses?

I guess a lot of this really depends on the occasion.  I know I personally love to take photos in a candid way, so pretty much all of my photoshoots are very photojournalistic.  I like to capture a real emotion that viewers can feel in the photo as well.

What about you?


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My name is Jennifer and I am an artist/photographer/designer/traveler.

One thought on “Photos Speak

  1. I too look for a feeling right before I snap the button…I like to make my landscape shots awe inspiring…I started noticing that I was getting “hung-up” on my own style of photos…They started to become redundant… So now I am checking out other forms of art whether it be a painting or a photograph to see what is unusual or more interesting than what I can produce!

    If I look at someone elses photo or painting, I prefer the photo or painting if it reveals the artists or photographers “inner self”…Maybe something that the artist has never “told” anyone before…


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