Ringing in 2012

I certainly had a fun NYE this weekend in Gettysburg, PA.  I took some shots with my Nikon, however, the lighting was less than ideal being outside.  I was aiming merely to document the evening.

I hope everyone had a great and safe New Years Eve!


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My name is Jennifer and I am an artist/photographer/designer/traveler.

5 thoughts on “Ringing in 2012

  1. Nice Pics Jen!! I like “a7sml” the most! I have never tried to shoot fireworks!? You fireworks turned out well too!!

    “a17bwsml” has a bone-white appearance to it! It makes me want to know what is inside that building!!

    Thanks for Sharing Jen!!


    1. Hey Bob, i think this was my first shot at fireworks with my Nikon D200. I didn’t have a tripod with me so unfortunately, I couldn’t get much, however, I made it work.

      Take care!


  2. You mentioned about “Documenting” the evening…Have You ever thought about keeping a Diary or Journal?? I started my Journal back in 1999!! I am now ready to begin my 3rd spiral notebook!! If each notebook has 250 pages, then I have close to 500 pages of documentation of my life since 1999 so far!!


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