Polar Bear Plunge 2012

Yesterday was my first time experiencing the Polar Bear Plunge in Sandy Point, MD.  I was there on assignment from my internship (Pressbox) and it really was a great time.  The people were crazy, which made it a really interesting experience!  I thoroughly enjoyed photographing the event, and I hope you enjoy looking at the images.  By the way, I got some kind of exciting news.  Pfmagazine.com has selected one of my photos as a finalist in their college photo contest.  🙂  I thought that was kind of cool.

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My name is Jennifer and I am an artist/photographer/designer/traveler.

6 thoughts on “Polar Bear Plunge 2012

  1. I think that I like “pbp43w_web” the most…It’s the pic with the sandals in the water!! I think it represents a Kind-a-sad ending to a “Fun Day”!! It brings an Emotion to me!! After all of the crazedness,…There is a sad ending!!

    Of all of the other pics, I like “pbp48_web” The “Chic in Pink” as second place!!

    Of Course I like “pbp11_web” the “Sand Sculpture” of the “Special Olympics” too!

    “pbp41_web”….The “Fear of The Photographer”!

    Oh,..Good Grief!…. There is so much to Say!! I’ll Have to get Back to You, Jen!!



    P.S. Thank You Jen,


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