Light Experimentation

This past weekend I moved to Towson finally (yay!) and took a time-out to set up a temporary makeshift studio.  I had to do some photos for my advanced photo class, which involved the use of strobes.  A couple of friends of mine played “model” for the evening while I did some experimenting with my light set.  Rachael did the make-up on herself and Kayla, and she did an amazing job!  Thanks Rachael, Kay, and Brandon!

A couple of days before, we did some experimenting with the lights during class.  We had a couple of athletes to work with in order to get some interesting shots, so I decided to insert a couple of these as well.


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My name is Jennifer and I am an artist/photographer/designer/traveler.

3 thoughts on “Light Experimentation

  1. “b2_web” is too dark!
    “c9web” I like because it shows the “fretboard” or “fingerboard” of the guitar and the rest of the pic’s color is good! I like the lighting of the guitar strings…

    “glove_2_web” isn’t too bad…The only thing I dislike about it is the lighting on the left side of the man’s face…Not specifically the man’s face, but behind the left side of the man’s face… is too dark!

    “a3_web” is good!! It looks as if a “light from Heaven” is shining down upon her face…especially when all else around her is darkness! Great contrast!!

    “a1_web” I would like better if more of her hand was in the pic…

    “bball_2” I like!! The man in the pic doesn’t appear to be distracted by the camera!

    “c5_web” I find very interesting!! This pic makes me want to know what the Man is looking at!

    “a5_web” I like because of the “crop” of the pic..

    “b1_web” I find interesting! She looks like she has just “discovered” something or someone!!


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