The Calm….After the Storm

As the East Coasters know, we had a not so nice storm erupt basically out of nowhere last Friday.  It caused massive amounts of damage and chaos, as the winds were like that of a hurricane.  People are STILL experiencing power outages!  Well, it didn’t seem so bad in Westminster (as I was house sitting that night, or else I would have been at my place in Towson. )  My apartment ultimately did end up losing power for about 4 days, unfortunately.

I had my cousin’s wedding to go to the day AFTER the storm.  I didn’t realize how bad the southern areas were hit until I tried to make it to her wedding.  From Westminster, MD to Prince George’s County, MD the trip totalled about 2 hours (when typically it would have been about 1 hour.)  There were trees down everywhere and almost every single traffic light was out.  Once we finally did make it to the wedding at the Newton White Mansion in Mitchellville, it was quite beautiful.  There was a half-hour delay to allow everyone to get there, but it all fell into place.
I generally don’t photograph weddings anymore, however, I brought my camera just to get a few nice snaps while I was there. I am glad that I did!

Congratulations Lindsay and Andy!


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My name is Jennifer and I am an artist/photographer/designer/traveler.

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