The Bare Essentials

“It’s really hard to make something ugly. I bet if you tried to do something ugly, there would be someone who would find some beauty in it.”   ~ Therman Statom

I recently blogged about some of the extreme editing that some people go through in order to “perfect” a photo.  As many saw, Victoria’s Secret was a great example when they posted a super distorted photo of a model’s body on Facebook recently.  Everyone quickly caught onto the Photoshopping faux pas and were quick to state their opinions.

Shortly after I posted that blog, I discovered an article about actress Cate Blanchett and her desire to expose her face on The Economist magazine with very little to hide.  I found it to be refreshing considering almost every photo in the media these days appears cookie cutter and edited to death.  I gained an utmost respect for her after seeing this photo.  I think she looks great, even without the excessive make-up and/or retouching.  If only more celebrities would be brave enough to do this!

What do you think?

Cate Blanchett on The Economist - Photo Credit to The Economist magazine

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My name is Jennifer and I am an artist/photographer/designer/traveler.

3 thoughts on “The Bare Essentials

  1. I know and I agree with You Jen!! In this photo, I can see that I am looking at a Human Being and not some sort of Manikin!! I like the “unspoiled” natural look!! It gives me a sense of emotional closeness to the subject…The subject has a “texture” that is Certifiably Human!!


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