What Happens in Vegas…..

Yesterday was my final day in California and it was surely an amazing way to end my time there.  I visited the deserted Guadalupe Dunes for a bit and photographed the eerie fogged over ocean.  It was a huge difference from the sunny San Luis Obispo.

I then hung out with my friend Jeremy at his work for a bit.  He works close to the infamous Bubble Gum Alley, so naturally, I had to check it out.  The alley was just as I thought……a massive collage of pre-chewed gum!  It was a pretty interesting sight to see.


I then found myself driving on Highway 1 again.  I didn’t go as far as the day before, however.  This time I stopped on an isolated beach.  It was amazing.  I was the only soul on that beach, and it allowed for some incredible photo opportunities.  While I was taking photos, I heard a strange grunting noise.  I thought someone had crept up behind me on the beach.  I didn’t see anyone….so I looked out into the ocean, and to my surprise there were seals draped over the rocks in the distance!  It was like nothing I had ever seen!

I ended the day with my friend and I catching the beautiful sunset at Morro Bay.  The glow behind the famous Morro rock was just incredible.

Today I drove back to Las Vegas and met up with some of my family.  It was a great but of course long drive.  I already miss the enchanting California terribly.  I began to feel at home while I was there.

For anyone who hasn’t…….I think every person should take a solo trip out West!  I certainly believe it was the best idea I have ever had.  I loved every minute of it and would do it again in a second.  Now, I get to experience the insanity of Vegas for a few days.





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My name is Jennifer and I am an artist/photographer/designer/traveler.

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