5 Tips for Striking Fall Photos

Tis the season for pumpkin spiced lattes, colorful leaves, and haunted houses.  Fall happens to be my favorite time of the year as well as a perfect time to take interesting photos.  The beauty of fall allows for endless photo opportunities, and when you add Halloween and Thanksgiving in the mix……it gets even better.  Here are some tips that I believe help in taking striking fall photos!

1. Focus on the details!  

As we all know, there are many amazing photo opportunities to work with in the fall.  Capture close-ups of interesting subjects for more visually impactful photos.

2.  Utilize the light

Fall is also the time to “fall back” so you must take advantage of the light while you can!  Fall leaves tend to look especially gorgeous in the glow of an evening sunset.  Work the lighting outside as well as inside.  The eerie ambiance of Halloween can allow for some neat photos.  Use that scary environment to your advantage.  Keep light dramatic to help enhance the creepy mood.

3.  Allow Mistakes to Happen

Sometimes the unexpected can make your photos more interesting!  For example….a cat…..intruding on your photo!?  Even if it wasn’t planned, sometimes it makes the image interesting.  So don’t weed out all of your mistakes.  Allow them to happen because you never know….it might make for a fun photo!

4.  Change Your Perspective

Sometimes taking the typical “straight-on” photo just isn’t enough.  Change it up a little.  Try something that you normally wouldn’t.  A new perspective can help jog the imagination and make the viewer see something in a different way than ever before.

5. Mix It Up

Taking photos of the leaves is fun, but maybe you can mix it up.  Bring in an object that might help illustrate a concept.  Don’t limit yourself to the environment.  Find things to compliment your surroundings.


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My name is Jennifer and I am an artist/photographer/designer/traveler.

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