Newborn Elliana

I recently had the honor of photographing a beautiful newborn girl!  She was little Elliana and she made my job quite easy, as she was such an adorable little model.  I’m so glad her parents chose me to be her photographer!


Thank you Kristin and Estefan for allowing me in your home and congratulations on the beautiful new addition!


Elliana's Yawn

Baby Elliana

Newborn Face

Newborn Baby



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My name is Jennifer and I am an artist/photographer/designer/traveler.

4 thoughts on “Newborn Elliana

  1. These are some of, what I think, are Your Best Pics!! Wow!
    The “Flesh Tones” look Great!! As a matter of fact, all of the colors look Great!! They have a nice and warm “Pastel” look to them!! I also like the way You eliminated “shadows” on Elliana !! The lighting is excellent!! First Class Photos!!


  2. Thanks Jen!! I am doing well!! The popularity of my web site(s) continues to grow!! I have had just under 10,000 hits so far this year!! I receive hits from all over the world!!

    I have recently acquired 2 new camcorders and I have been making my own music vids using French Canadian Rock and French Canadian Country music!! (With the aid of my F150 pickup truck).

    I am hoping that will be a profitable investment in the future!!


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