Like Father, Like Son: Baltimore Session

Brandon and Trenton are like father/son twins!  Take a peek at this photo session we had last weekend here in Baltimore.  Since I am still not super familiar with the area (I lived in Carroll County for 10 years), I wasn’t sure if there were any nice open areas local to us.  Luckily, we stumbled upon this gem of a park.  With only a short amount of time to shoot, here are a few images we came up with!


P.S.- Random note… weekend I will be West coast bound for 6 days!  There may be an overwhelming number of images during that trip….

Baltimore Portraits

Baltimore Portraits

Baltimore Portraits

Baltimore child portrait


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My name is Jennifer and I am an artist/photographer/designer/traveler.

7 thoughts on “Like Father, Like Son: Baltimore Session

  1. O.K. Jen!! Did You use a flash with some of these pics?? These guys look like they are glowing!
    It seems as if these pics were shot in a shaded area with a standard flash?! Well maybe not the case because in one of these pics I can see a shadow cast from another source (Like the Sun) Whatever the case, these pics would make nice enlargements!!


    1. Thanks Bob. Yes these were taken using off camera speed lights in the shade. They were sort of an experiment because I’m more of a natural lighting kind of girl and I want to get adjusted to using flash more.

      I hope you’re doing well!


  2. Yes, I am doing well!! On August 16, of this year, I left home early in the morning and traveled out to WhiteTail Ski resort to do some photo shooting! There is a remote pond there, right before the Ski Resort, that makes for some really good photos!

    I shot some pics of the pond then shot some pics at the resort…There were just a few employees cleaning at the resort and my pics, of the resort, weren’t much to look at…

    I then got back on I-70 west and headed for Sideling Hill to go to the science center (which is located on I-68 just west of the 70-68 split…

    I met a woman there, “Valerie”, on the walkway/overpass, who had her camera on a tripod but she wasn’t shooting?!

    To make a long story short, She informed me that the 9-11 Memorial Bike Ride was going to be coming down I-68 heading east and that she was going to do some photos of the event…!

    I had already had my Nikon D50 with me and since I had my camcorders with me, in my truck, I decided to “set-up” with my tripod and a Sony Camcorder and wait until 11:00 A.M. to video record the event…It was 9:30 A.M. at this time…

    There were supposed to be 400 Motorcycles in this “Ride” so I was excited, waiting to see it!

    All ‘n’ all, I shot about 7 minutes worth of video and I uploaded it to U-Tube!! “9-11 Memorial Bike Ride Western Maryland” is the title!! I have about 77 hits on this video so far!!

    Cheers and Happy Shooting!!


  3. Getting back to speed lights?! Your speedlight did the trick!! It did appear as if You had Superior lighting in some of Your pics!! Your subjects appear as if they had more than 1 speedlight!!


  4. I like experimenting too!! But I haven’t done much if any experimenting with a flash…Most of my experimenting has been with filters and especially “fog” filters.

    I have a “blue” filter that I would like to experiment with using B/W!!

    I have a Nikon SB 26 that I should get back into using again as well!!


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