Who needs self-esteem when there’s Photoshop??

It is incredibly sad that people are so used to seeing what women in magazines look like, as it sets an unreachable standard of what should be considered attractive in society.

Photoshop is a POWERFUL and amazingly handy program for photographers and designers alike.  The possibilities are endless, however, it also makes a lot of print and web media hard to believe.  These days, we are looking at magazines where women are edited to perfection.  Being a female, I know how first-hand how destructive the media is to self-esteem.  It is unfortunate that beauty has come down to completely flawless skin and often unattainable figures.

As a photographer, I do very little retouching, and I certainly do not make people look like anyone other than who they are (unless I am creating something intended to be unrealistic/uber creative.)  It truly makes me ill when someone is noticeably edited and it looks completely artificial.  When are we going to accept that people have flaws?  When will the media begin to portray women how they REALLY look?

I saw an ad today that a well-known photographer posted online (click here) and I couldn’t believe how terribly edited it was!  See anything funny about the model’s legs?  Not only is the color on the bottom half of her body different from the top, but her legs seem to blend into one!  This is a perfect example of how NOT to use Photoshop.

People who do not have access to editing software may not realize just how much can be done –  and I decided to use photos of myself to show you how much someone can be digitally altered.

I apologize if my edits on photos below are a bit shoddy, but I threw them together pretty quickly.  I think the message here is…..don’t believe everything you see in the media.  We, as women (and men), end up chasing an unrealistic idea of what is “beautiful.”  Making dramatic digital physical changes is SIMPLE and it is done ALL of the time.

Don’t get me wrong, Photoshop is not *evil* by any means.  Amazing things can be done using a tasteful amount of editing.  However, people these days have a tendency to take it way too far.  


As you can see in this example, I go from tiny lips to much larger lips!  I also now have red hair, a smaller nose, and some make-up.

Photoshop Surgery

This one doesn’t need much explaining!  I was…..um, enhanced….and turned into an hourglass of sorts.  Yikes.  WOMEN DON’T LOOK LIKE THIS!!

Photoshop Surgery


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My name is Jennifer and I am an artist/photographer/designer/traveler.

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