The Start of Something New

If you take a look around….you might notice some differences.  It’s a new day for Jennifer Longo Photography!  I ultimately decided that since I rarely do commissioned photo work these days and there are other things I would like to blog about, the website will no longer only be geared towards photography.  Owning a website can be quite costly between purchasing hosting, a domain, etc. There was really no reason for me to keep going as it was – merely a portfolio site and point of contact for potential clients.  I cut my losses with Squarespace, kept my wordpress blog, and decided to revamp only the blog and keep the domain directed here.

Postcards and Paper Airplanes is the next chapter for me.  Let me clarify that this doesn’t mean i’m finished with photography – not by a long shot!  I am also still shooting for clients – so please contact me via the tab in the navigation menu if you are interested.  Jennifer Longo Photography will merely be one small segment of this new venture.

I hope you all join me as I blog about pretty much anything I want! I intend to focus on not only photography, but also creative DIY projects (I find myself doing more of these now that I have purchased my first home), travel, and more.
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My name is Jennifer and I am an artist/photographer/designer/traveler.

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