Jen's photoHello!  My name is Jennifer and I am an avid Photographer, graphic designer, traveler, latte lover and full-time dreamer.  I work in the aviation industry full-time, but outside of my 9-5, I run 2 blogs, travel, and photograph.  This blog used to be dedicated to nothing other than Jennifer Longo Photography, but I recently decided to branch it into something more.  As I do very few commissioned photo shoots these days, there are more things that I would like to post about.  Whether they are rants, photographs, crafts, or anything else, you’ll find the things that mean most to me right here.

What the heck kind of name is Postcards & Paper Airplanes? 
This name came kind of out of nowhere!  I think to me it represents a sense of randomness (as my blog may be at times!) Not only that, but my desire for  adventure and exploration.  Paper airplanes are almost symbolic of my love for travel but the restrictions that I endure.  So while I may not always be able to up and leave for somewhere far away, I will always be thinking about it and finding ways to satisfy that desire in the mean time.  Whether it be finding places near home or even simply writing about it.  They also reflect the art of creating something.

-Feel free to check out my travel blog over at http://www.agirlandhertravelbug.com.

***All photos on this blog and my other official pages are owned by me, Jennifer Longo (unless otherwise noted) and may not be copied, reproduced, altered, or distributed unless permission is given.***

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